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IRS Tax Calendars (Publication 509) Outlines Important Tax Deadlines

IRS Tax Calendars (Publication 509)Most individuals making an income in the United States know about the standard tax deadline of April 15th every year, but how about all the other important tax deadlines that individuals and businesses have to take note of throughout the year?  This is where the IRS Tax Calendars (or Publication 509) can act as a general reference guide, along with consulting your trusted tax advisor for clarification on complex tax subjects.


Three Basic Sections and Three Tax Calendars


The IRS Tax Calendars (Publication 509) for 2011 contains three basic sections.  There is a section on how to use the tax calendars, a section that contains the three tax calendars (general, employer’s, and excise), and a section that includes a table showing semiweekly deposit due dates for 2011.


General Tax Calendar


The majority of the due dates for most taxpayers will be found under the General Tax Calendar.  Employers and persons who pay excise taxes also should use the Employer’s Tax Calendar and the Excise Tax Calendar.


Employer’s Tax Calendar


Employers can find various due dates that mainly pertain to the following federal taxes:  income tax you withhold from your employees’ wages or from nonpayroll amounts you pay out, social security and Medicare taxes (FICA taxes) you withhold from your employees’ wages and the social security and Medicare taxes you must pay as an employer, and federal unemployment (FUTA) tax you must pay as an employer.


Excise Tax Calendar


The Excise tax Calendar provides the due dates for filing returns and making deposits of excise taxes.  There is an additional publication to consult, along with several instructions for the Forms to be used when dealing with dealing with excise taxes.


More Information About IRS Tax Calendar (Publication 509)


The IRS Tax Calendar (Publication 509) for 2011 can also be found on their website in PDF format here:  You can contact your tax advisor for help with more specific questions regarding any of the topics covered here.


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