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Tax Preparation & Planning

  • Is cash flying out of your pocket straight into Uncle Sam’s?
  • Think you’re paying too much in taxes?
  • Are you paying the least amount of taxes the law will allow?
  • Do you have a special tax filing need?
  • Do you have nightmares with dancing IRS agents?
  • Are you tired of trying to use TurboTax?
  • Do you want to free up your time and have professionals do it all for you?

Personalized Tax Preparation

We can handle any filing needs you may require.  We prepare tax returns for individual wage earners, sole proprietors, corporations, LLC, LLP, S-Corp, trusts, franchise tax, etc.


Some of the most confusing and complicated forms ever designed were created by the IRS. Without a solid background in tax law and bookkeeping, the average taxpayer can easily make innocent mistakes.


  • Individuals
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning & Projected Tax Returns
  • Estate & Trust Returns