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Professional Tax, Accounting, and Business Services

Tax Preparation & Planning

We prepare tax returns and offer tax planning strategies for Individual wage earners, Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Nonprofit Organizations, Estates & Trusts, Franchise Tax, and all Payroll Related Taxes. We handle complexities TurboTax can’t compute!


We offer analytical insight, guidance, and strategies for our clients to solve a wide array of financial and operational issues. From daily number crunching, to annual reporting…we handle it all for you! Accounting is our first language, so Come Speak the Language of Business With Us!

Audits & Assurance

Our sister company of audit & assurance professionals, at Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C., examine and attest to our clients’ financial statements following the highest professional standards. They specialize in Government, Nonprofit, Corporate, and Employee Benefit Plan Audits.

Taxes: Timely and Precise

Substantial amounts of time and money can be saved with effective tax preparation and planning. We seek to understand your unique tax situation, provide you with the most tax advantages as allowable by the tax laws, and help prevent red flags that typically lead to IRS audits. Our goal is to keep your hard earned money where it belongs…with you!

Accounting: The Devil in the Details

The success of any business begins with accurate record keeping and financial statements. These tedious tasks however, can be a real headache and often take up more time then intended.  The wide range of accounting services RAS Group, LLC has to offer frees your business from monotonous burdens, allowing the time to focus on what you do best.

Consulting: Get Ready for Success

Building value for the share holders is one of the ultimate goals of any business. While success and rapid growth is generally strived for, it can be extremely dangerous if it hasn’t been properly planned. Whether you are just starting out or managing an existing business, RAS Group will work to equip you for future profitability and security.